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We are pleased to announce that Inconsequentia is also available at BlazeVox Books; at, in both print and Kindle versions; at Barnes & Noble; and at Small Press Distribution. The book is also available for sale at St. Mark's Bookshop in Manhattan, at The King's English Bookshop and at Sam Weller's Bookstore in Salt Lake City, and at other independent bookstores across the United States.  

Thus &

Derek Henderson's collection Thus & is available for sale online at If P Then Q.

Ted Berrigan’s seminal The Sonnets is renowned for its famous use of cut up technique and reconfiguration throughout the sequence. Derek Henderson’s erasure Thus & eliminates all words and typographical duplications. In addition to the strikingly beautiful, often minimalist, sonnets created by Henderson, Thus & asks new questions of each Berrigan sonnet and the sequence as a whole. Thus & reveals (conceals) not only the clusters of phrases/lines that were cloned by Berrigan but also words which he repeated; many obviously subconsciously. What is left in Thus & is part skeleton, and underbelly, of maître-sonneteer Berrigan’s The Sonnets and part alien remix by techno-magician Derek Henderson. - James Davies


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